An Excerpt from The Hidden Sister

Charlie felt his soul being crushed.  He had just gotten this dream that he could come out and be himself – a girl – and his mom crushed it within the span of a few minutes.  Over the coming weeks and months, he became more depressed.  More lethargic.  He gave up trying in school.  He didn’t speak to Hunter any longer.  He didn’t speak at all unless one of the teachers called on him.  No one spoke to him.  He had lost all hope.  All will to survive.

One night, he awoke in the middle of the night, determined to kill himself.  If he couldn’t become a girl, then it wasn’t worth living anymore.  He snuck into his parent’s bathroom while they were sleeping.  He picked up the first bottle he came to – trazodone.  He didn’t know what they were or what they did, but figured enough of anything would do the trick.  He swallowed the entire bottle, bit by bit with water.  After taking all of them, he passed out in the bathroom floor.

While passed out, Julia awoke sometime later to use the bathroom.  Initially, she just tried waking Charlie up.  As hard as she tried, she couldn’t get him to wake up.  Then she saw the empty pill container on the sink and screamed for help.  Michael woke up to find Julia holding Charlie in her arms.

“What is the matter?”
“It’s Charlie – he’s not responsive!”
“And it looks like he took a bottle of your pills!”
“Oh shit!  Let me call 911 right now.”
“Hurry Mike!”