Hi all! It’s been a good 2 or 3 years since I last had my blog online and much has changed in my life. I’m currently engaged to another trans woman, Amaya, who I am convinced is my life-long soulmate. ❤❤❤

If you check my about page, you’ll see I’m working remotely for Johns Hopkins University. I’m preparing to have weight loss surgery at Duke, as I’ve been unsuccessful at losing enough weight through diet and exercise laziness for my gender confirmation surgery, which will happen at UNC. I’m also studying to obtain my Technician class Amateur Radio license.

In what little bit of spare time I actually have, I’m experimenting on an Arduino MKR Wifi 1010 with a MKR IOT Carrier. I’m also monitoring a few frequencies with my RTL-SDR v3 USB device. It’s been fun listening to radio traffic during the NC State Fair. I’m hoping to build a shortwave radio antenna soon so I can listen to the ever creepy numbers stations, but it might prove to be difficult as I live in an apartment that faces east.

All in all, life is pretty good. I’m financially stable, have a great job, found the love of my life, always staying in touch with my daughters, and finally have time for some hobbies. 😊

In the near future, I’ll be posting code, schematics, and results of my radio listening on this blog, so be sure to check back often!