Professional Summary

Paige Julianne Sullivan is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background spanning academia, healthcare, industry, and entrepreneurship. In her current role as a REDCap Administrator/Developer at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, Paige plays a pivotal role in maintaining the infrastructure for orthopaedic trauma research, demonstrating her expertise in overseeing study launches and managing Linux servers. Her collaborative efforts with a multidisciplinary team have earned her recognition as a 2021-2022 Bloomberg School of Public Health Staff Assembly representative, showcasing her dedication and influence within the academic community.

During her tenure as a Senior Software Developer at Target RWE, Paige showcased her prowess in managing the REDCap system and optimizing AWS infrastructure. Notably, she spearheaded the development of a dynamic dashboard, highlighting her innovative contributions that enhanced operational efficiency within the organization. Paige’s adaptability is evident in her earlier experiences, such as at IBM, where she built a web-based interface for the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module. Additionally, as the founder of Boolean Informatics, she demonstrated entrepreneurial skills by successfully contracting for cross-platform mobile and web-based application development, showcasing her versatility across various technologies.

Furthermore, her entrepreneurial endeavors at Concert Telecommunications, where she served as Chief Executive, established a successful venture that provided hosted Voice-over-IP (VoIP) PBX and carrier services for small businesses, particularly in the medical sector. Her strategic decision-making, technical expertise, and fundraising efforts played a crucial role in the company’s success, showcasing her ability to thrive in entrepreneurial leadership roles. Throughout her illustrious career, Paige has consistently demonstrated leadership, strategic vision, technical excellence, and a profound commitment to advancing technology and social awareness.

Beyond her technical expertise, Paige actively contributes to fostering inclusivity and positive institutional change. Notably, she served as a co-chair on the Johns Hopkins University Transgender Awareness Task Force from its inception in fall 2023 to its conclusion in summer 2024. Paige’s commitment to shaping recommendations for improving transgender relations and presenting them to the University’s executive committee underscores her dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment.

My LinkedIn profile is available at However, I am not seeking any part-time or full-time contract or employment opportunities at this time.