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I’m born

For better or worse, I enter this cruel world!


Gender Dysphoria Starts

The first time I can remember thinking to myself “I’m not a boy”.


Started Programming

I swiped my brother’s TOMY TUTOR computer from his closet since he wasn’t using it anymore. We only had one game – Hyperspace. When I got bored with that, I got out the instruction manual and started learning BASIC.


I figure out I’m transgender

Thanks to a lot of people on the Internet, I figure out that I’m male-to-female transgender. I kept this information to myself for a number of years.


I start my first company

I start building websites professionally under the name DYNAMIC DESIGNS. In the span of about 3 years, I probably built close to 100 websites for local companies in the Triad area of North Carolina, including being the exclusive designer for a local Internet Service Provider.


I leave college for the workforce and move to Raleigh

I enrolled in university for Computer Science and started directly after high school. After a semester though, I decide it’s not for me and enter the workforce directly at the start of the year. About mid-way through, I move from my hometown of Thomasville for Raleigh, NC for a new job.


I marry my first wife

After a year and a half together, I marry my first wife.


I start living “part-time” as Paige


First daughter born

KSS is born in December


Second daughter born

HES is born in September


I survive myocarditis, start living “full-time” as Paige, and legally change my name

2014 – 2018

Mid-life Crisis

Took a few years off from life for a mid-life crisis